Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan is based on equity (home value - liens on property = equity).  Instead of conventional documentation like tax returns and paystubs in order to establish the ability to repay, hard money loans are solely based on free and clear equity. Typically with hard money, you can get a loan up to 70 percent of the property value. Although interest rates are often higher than with standard loans, speedy closings and low documentation requirements make hard money a great option for investors who need money quickly and for a short period of time.

On the Investor side of hard money- a growing pool of private investors are emerging because of the high rate of return and short loan periods. Although their is risk involved in lending, with proper guidance, investors find themselves in secure deals with large payoffs. Unlike the stock market that fluctuates day to day building and shrinking in value, hard money loans are stable and returns are substanial.

Hard Money Loans range from $50,000 to millions of dollars. Terms vary but you can have very short terms up to three years with a variety of upfront costs and an interest rate that is typically higher than subprime rates.

If you are in need of a hard money loan or seek to invest in hard money loans, we are the agency for you. We have a large and growing number of borrowers and investors who are reeping the benefits of our expert guidance and ability to secure deals.


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